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Design by  Jaclyn Johnson

Design by Jaclyn Johnson


Caning is just another texture to add to the list of things that are trending. It is a material that has been around since Ancient Egypt, began it’s popularity with the masses in the 1800’s and hasn’t looked back. Caning is made from weaving rattan vine or peel to make everything from tables to lighting. It is surprising a sturdy material, but I still remember as a child trying to rip through the beautiful little hole pattern they make:) Furniture manufacturers are always coming up with modern colors and designs to keep this look fresh. These are some of my favorite pieces at the moment.

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How to Make Your Backyard Ready for Entertaining

We are nearly halfway through the summer months and it’s prime time party season!  With Independence Day around the corner, everyone wants to entertain with their new patio furniture and accessories.  A common design challenge people face is where and how they should invest.  I have some great ideas on how to renovate your backyard without breaking the bank.  

The simplest way to make a big impact on your outdoor space on a limited budget is to update the details, including accent pillows, outdoor rugs, lighting, and accessories, as well as to ensure the care and maintenance of existing furniture.  

Instead of updating your lounge seating which can be costly, try purchasing a new throw pillow or blanket. Choose ones with a splash of color or a fun pattern on there to add more interest.  Your existing furniture will look brand new!

Outdoor rugs are often overlooked outside, but they can help anchor a group of furniture.  Furniture can look lost in a large backyard or deck, but by placing a rug underneath it will help to signify the area is a unified space.   This is also a good opportunity to add another color or pattern to the outdoors.   

Treat your outdoor lighting like you would your indoor by using multiple lighting options – large outdoor spotlights and sconces are just the beginning; also consider draping fun twinkle lights or placing lanterns and candles on your various surfaces.  

Don’t forget to accessorize.  It’s the best way to add some flair to the outdoors that can cater to your style.  Try incorporating more organic items; you are outside after all!  Organic items can include rocks, a collection of sea shells, or flowers. Other accessory ideas are statues, jars, and wind chimes. The options are endless, but be sure not to add to much clutter to your surfaces. Your eye naturally turns to the outdoors so keep your accessories to a minimum so as not to steal all of the attention.  

Lastly, an important part of keeping your backyard always looking great is paying close attention to the condition of your current furniture.  Every surface is unique and requires different care from your wood to wicker to metal. Make sure to read the care manual the furniture came with or that you can find online.  

Now that you know how to style your space, where should you shop?  I have a few go to places when purchasing outdoor furniture for clients. If you are looking to add a punch of color to your outdoor setting try looking at World Market. Some of my favorite items are their umbrellas and throw pillows.  If you are in need of fun and funky accessories look no further than CB2 and Pier 1.  CB2 has a more modern feel, while Pier 1 has an eclectic vibe.  West Elm has a nice array of outdoor lighting, vases, and jars.  It’s also a great source for a mid century modern look. 

By following these suggestions I have no doubt that your backyard will be looking festive for the party.  Have a fantastic time enjoying the fresh air!  

My Favorite Sconces

Sconces are one of my favorites lighting accessories. They can be functional or purely decorative, swing arm or stationary, they come in different textures, colors, styles, and work with any environment. Wall sconces come either hardwired or with a cord. The hardwired sconce has a permanent look and also looks better in a more formal environment. Sconces with cords are very trendy in a casual space and are also easier to change out and less labor for installation. Some of my favorite places to put them are near a bed for a perfect reading light or flanking a piece of art work for extra ambiance. Take a look at these beauties below for some inspiration.

Project Spotlight: North Portal Home

Teaming up with old client’s is the best. Especially when they are a joy to work with and have good taste (just like this family). They live in DC, and although I no longer live there I wanted to help design a new office space for them. The office is part of a master bedroom so I wanted to decorate it with the accompanying furniture in mind. They have an existing walnut low platform bed and a black leather chair. I wanted it to be a contemporary and neutral room with pops of color brought in through the art work. There is an empty corner where I wanted to create an alternate table top workspace with 2 accent chairs where you could sit and relax and soak in all of the morning light. I chose to keep the main office units a similar walnut finish to the bed. I also added floating cabinets above the desk and filing system for additional storage. The bench cushion and pillow was a nice touch to soften all of these hard surfaces. I liked the idea of replacing their existing honeycomb shades with these roman shades to add another light and airy texture to the office nook.

Art work from  Minted  and  Juniper and Briggs

Art work from Minted and Juniper and Briggs

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 9.09.49 AM.png
Lighting from  CB2  art work from  Minted

Lighting from CB2 art work from Minted


The walls is where I wanted to have a little fun and add a punch of color and pattern. For the desk wall I chose to break up the floating walnut cabinets with art work leaning against the cabinet and hanging on the wall. I love mixing mediums so this photography and abstract painting go well together and add a bit of interest.

For the wall near the table I imagined a very long extending sconce that would drape over the bistro table. These sconces are so neat and I’ve been dying to use them in a space. They make such a statement while be functional too. The large art work will fit nicely on the wall. The black and white works well with the modern vibe in the space, but the floral itself lends to a traditional look that fits the colonial architecture of the home.

For the window wall I thought this would be the perfect place for family photos. It’s a very personal space being that it is a home office and a bedroom. Either doing black and whites or color here would work. There are 2 different design scenarios I gave them; a more structured look and a gallery wall, both would look fantastic. I think matching the frames is important here and a black or silver frame would really pull the other elements in the space together.